Monday, January 23, 2012

Birkin Dreams

Birkin Dreams

So, many years ago two of my favorite shows introduced me to an amaze-balls purse....The Birkin Bag by Hermes! As any true "Sex and the City" buff knows this is the bag that Samantha used her new client's name to get pumped up the 2 year waiting list. In the end, Samantha lost her client (Can anyone remember who it was?) and her Birkin with the client. In another amazing show, "Gilmore Girls," Rory's gorgeous and rich B/F Logan gave her a Birkin, which makes Grandma Emily jealous! Every young lady needs a Birkin!

The Birkin is also, reported be the bag of choice for Victoria "Posh" Beckham!! And I've even seen those Krazy Kardashian's carry Birkin's!
This is is how I would use The Birkin, it is my ultimate dream purse (which I will never own because they are at minimum 2G's and not to mention a waiting list)! Because if I ever got one, it would be natural so I could carry it with any outfit!

How would you carry a Birkin?

Birkin Dreams by cathrynhill featuring kitten heels

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