Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One Great Blessing

I have worked as a church secretary for 3 years now. I really do love this job (though only part-time and not what my degree is in). It has opened my eyes to seeking and expanding my knowledge of the God I love and serve.

One down fall was I was not learning or finding a study to focus me. But in the Spring of 2011, my sister Elisabeth was raving about the bible study she was in in Edwardsville. She like me was raised in the same Christian home, going to church, Sunday School, Wednesday nights and youth group but I had never seen her so in love with loving Christ and studying God's Word. I was envious of this group she was in.

But then came the shock, it's a group called, Bible Study Fellowship or BSF, and they are an international bible study with groups meeting all across the country and world. I looked into finding one that met near me. To my surprise there was one right in my own city!! How had I never heard about this?

I emailed the class secretary in June of 2011 to find out they meet Sept-May and were not in session at the moment and encouraged to come back in September. So, September 2011, I went to my very first BSF class night. And my life was changed!

Through BSF my bible knowledge and understanding of God has grown so much I can't even put into words how grateful and blessed I feel to have finally found a study that gives me the structure and tools I was desiring and needing so I could learn God's Word and plan for my life.

I started with The Acts of the Apostles study and learned about Paul and the spread of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire. Last year, we started at the beginning with Genesis! And I took a leap and joined the leadership for that year and was a Group Leader and helped facilitate my own group.

This year we are learning about Jesus Christ through the study of Matthew (and leading again)! Only 1 lesson in and again my eyes are opened to details I never noticed before!

This is not a post to try and get you to believe or think the way I do; it is simply where my life is and what I believe, love and how I am growing in my faith!

BSF has been a great blessing in my life in helping me dig into God's Word!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

On the Hunt...

Jon and I are on the hunt... for a new computer.

We are in serious need of a new computer! However, life things come up that make this decision hard! We have found that for big purchases we usually double where it comes from.

So, this new computer will be an anniversary and Christmas present and count for both of us. We determined our budget (aka what we are comfortable spending/need to save).

Any suggestions?

Given our budget, any form of an Apple computer is out. They are like double/triple what we are looking to spend. Trust me, even refurbished ones won't cut it, with all the programs that we would need and have to download it still blows are budget out of the water. Sorry for all you die hard Mac users.

Maybe someday we will get to have that luxury! Unless someone out there is willing to sell theirs for cheap! ;)
As my friend Samantha would say, "Darn you and your grown up life choices."