Tuesday, September 3, 2013

On the Hunt...

Jon and I are on the hunt... for a new computer.

We are in serious need of a new computer! However, life things come up that make this decision hard! We have found that for big purchases we usually double where it comes from.

So, this new computer will be an anniversary and Christmas present and count for both of us. We determined our budget (aka what we are comfortable spending/need to save).

Any suggestions?

Given our budget, any form of an Apple computer is out. They are like double/triple what we are looking to spend. Trust me, even refurbished ones won't cut it, with all the programs that we would need and have to download it still blows are budget out of the water. Sorry for all you die hard Mac users.

Maybe someday we will get to have that luxury! Unless someone out there is willing to sell theirs for cheap! ;)
As my friend Samantha would say, "Darn you and your grown up life choices."

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