Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Time Is Flying

This time of the year always seems to fly!

There is a never ending stream of activities and craziness going on! Luckily, this year we aren't scrambling from one graduation party to another, next year will be a different story. But we've had birthday parties and Mother's Day was crazy!

Our social circle is small which is nice especially during wedding season because all of our close friends and family are married already. Since, Jon and I got married we've been invited to 3 maybe 4 weddings and only been able to attend 2 of them in nearly four years! Unlike my sister and her husband who in 2014 along have gone to or will attend 7-8 weddings. Blessings for being anti-social!

But now all our friends are having babies, so we are being wrangled into baby showers but that's life!

We are also in the process of selling our home which has been interesting and stressful!

Seems that every year it goes faster and faster and you don't know when it will slow down. But I'm grateful for this life and running around!

Hopefully, life will settle down a bit sooner rather than later and maybe I will be able to get back on a posting running. This is on a back burning for the time being!

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