Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall in My Midwest

Fall is officially here and for me that is not noted by the fall equinox or because the calendar tells me! It is when you see the first field being harvested! Which I noticed last Friday evening on my way home from work.

Harvest is one of those interesting times, for me it brings back my childhood and an exciting time because the corn and soybeans that you've looked at all summer go from green to brown and the combines, tractors, wagons and semis come out in force to hurry and get everything in before bad weather can halt you and the cold sets in. And also, staying up late on the weekends so I could see my dad. Back then he'd run about 4-6 hours of sleep (if that), leaving before the sun came up and coming home well into the morning hours with no days off unless it rained too much until it was all in. Somethings haven't changed, just my dad doesn't operate on that little of sleep anymore but he works everyday, weather permitting until its done, along with my brother, uncle and hired hands.

There is a change in the air, it gets crisper feeling and mornings are chilly while afternoons can be warm. The smell of harvest...It's a great time! The leaves have begun to change and give over their summer green for the warmer oranges, reds and yellows they becoming. And our anniversary is coming up in November, which always makes for a nice conclusion to most of the fall fun!

I've already made one trip to a local pumpkin patch, they have giant pumpkins, like competition sized pumpkins! :-) And I'm planning a trip to my favorite apple orchard in the next week, hopefully with Jon! It's not the big one in our area that everyone goes to, which is awesome for me because it means there is less people and I feel their cider is hands down the best in the entire world and I doubt that will ever change. Its like drinking an apple is so full and rich with flavor.

But along with all the fun and joys of the season, there is still a lot of hard work. Once again, this fall I will be working as a grain scale operator at a local elevator Friday nights and Saturdays, on top of my full time, day job. I enjoy it though and its worth it.

So, with that said I may not be as diligent with posts in the coming months. Not that I've ever been the best at it or have anything worth reading. But go and enjoy the weather, the apples and pumpkins and the crisp, fresh air, before we rush into the winter months!

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