Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bench Love

You know your a grown up when you get excited over household items! My friend Carmen commented on Facebook that she was excited about a Tubberware order she'd placed and I responded that I had geeked out over a bench! And this is the story of my bench:

A while back aka the end of January; I finally picked out my Christmas present and ordered it! YAY! Yes this means that I did not receive a present on Christmas but it was worth the wait! In case you didn't know I am a HUGE fan of John & Sherry and their little (HUGE) blog! These two are amazing! I wish that I lived near them so I could try and weasel my way into being a lifelong stalker friend! Anyway, they had a post about changing a few things in their living with stuff from Joss & Main. So, I joined and followed the events and found the perfect bench for under our front window and I am in love. If you can't tell from these photos!

It was a steal too! Originally like $300 and we got it for just a little over $100.00 including shipping!

And now a few months later I am still in love, though it could be a little longer but its one of Duncan's favorite hang outs (especially when the curtains are open).

Have you made any purchases for the home that you got for a major steal? Or don't know what you'd do without?

Also, I don't know anyone from YHL or Joss & Main so I didn't receive anything for this. I just love following YHL and looking for deals!

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