Monday, April 23, 2012

Epic Fail

I totally epic failed last week and this week on posting something, anything! Ugh, I've been uper busy lately and its not going to slow down any time soon. This includes 2 more 5:00a, one like 6:30a and probably a 7:00a Saturday morning wake up calls. That's the next 4 Saturday's of being up super early and going to bed/being home late. And the hard part is, all the extreme early mornings but one are voluntary! EEK!

This past Saturday was the first of three 5:00amers and that will be the norm for me come September! And no I didn't get a big girl job, however, I am volunteering to be a group leader for my Bible study next year. The leaders meet every Saturday morning at 6:30a.

And speaking of jobs, I did pick up another part-time weekend job! Just as backroom and cashiering for a fabulous little store called White House | Black Market. (hopefully my wardrobe will improve!)  So, that counts for the late nights on the Saturdays with early wake up calls!

Plus, Jon and I will be doing a road race, the Run to Remember Fallen Officers here in a few weeks and that shall prove to me interesting since neither of us have been running. But Jon's buddy Joe said he'd only do it again if I did so its going to be like our own little tradition!

Wish me luck!

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