Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dealing with Tragedy

Normally, I love to have an upbeat vibe to my posts but this will probably not be the case today. My best friend, Samantha, lost her mom last week. Samantha and I met in college, she was a year ahead of me and we met when I joined our sorority, Phi Mu. 

Now, since we met in college, I did not get to know her parents the way I did my friends from grade school and high school. I wish I had known Sara Jane, Sam's mom better than I did. She seemed to be just a happy person who loved what she did which was own and operate her own greenhouse, Farming with Flowers.

Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that I feel awful that even though I was there for my friend for all of the services, I was not emotionally upset by the loss. Now, I know this was not a personal loss to me but it was to my best friend and seeing her upset and in pain did make me deeply upset and sad.

However, I do not view death or the loss of a loved one as a bad thing. For me, as Christian and believer in Jesus Christ, do not fear death. I am not afraid to die because I would only be dead in body but made alive in my spirit and have no separation from God anymore. It was also reassuring that this is how Sam's mom viewed death as well, as a believer.

It has been years since I have lost someone close, unexpectedly and someone young and my view of death has changed in that I understand my faith better and am making an effort to actively live it. I know I have no idea the loss that my best friend is feeling at this time.

Death is a part of the human condition, and ain't none of us getting out of here alive. How do you want to leave this world? Do you want to know where you are going or just think you know? How do you view death?

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