Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Someone I Want to Meet...

A part of my learning to grow up and become an adult blah blah blah, I have stumbled across a blog/vlog that gives me great joy and happiness (and its very funny and usually on point for me and how I view and feel about the world). If you have not heard of Jenna Marbles over the past few months then you do not belong on YouTube or the interweb.

Also, Jon despises her YouTube videos so much its heartbreaking for me because I can't watch them with him and have to sneak them on the fly. (And I will reference them in convo and he just gives me this "Dafuq!?!" look). And Duncan, well Jenna's co-stars are her two dogs and every video starts with a squeaky toy sound which makes him a) wake up or b) bark.

Jenna Marbles, curses and has inappropriate subject matter but the way she is willing to say what others are only thinking, and do it in a humorous way that can make her seem like a stupid woman is what I find so genius about her! Go visit her blog and watch a few of the videos! But be warned it is inappropriate but its so ridiculously funny I just had to share!

She puts it out there, even the behind-closed-door stuff like singing to yourself in a strange voice while making-up your own lyrics to a song! Everybody does it and she's willing to make a fool of herself and I want to be her friend because of that!

And in true Jenna sign-off: "Bye Spiderman, Bye Other Spiderman!"

Also, everything on there is her viewpoint and opinion and I do not share all of the same opinions as she does. I just find the manner in which she puts it out there humorous.

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