Thursday, May 16, 2013

Creative Blues

Are you like me in that while at work you just want to be home working on your chore/project list?

However, when you are home you do none of the things you so desperately wanted to be home doing?

I blame myself, I'm a lazy person. I need to be more intentional in how I spend my time at home and in the Lord. I need to keep busy so I don't fall into a pit of self pity and bitterness. Though I am not above a night crashing in front of the TV because sometimes that is just what you need.

This Spring I have worked on staying busy. I have already painted two rooms in the house (am still working on putting the last one back together; its the man-cave so I can't just pitch what I don't like). Jon's bathroom project has its moments of productivity and then lapses of laziness; which most my projects do as well.

I've been working on the yard more this year. I finally broke down and cleaned up the flower bed o' weeds. Success, I found the source of the ivy which had over taken the bed and yard; I will be pulling the runners out of the yard for years I bet. My dad spread them late last summer killing them; I just never pulled them up. I planted a few flowers in the pots on the front porch, got a yard flag (which already blew away, need to get another I guess and Velcro it the post).

My next step is to work on keeping the weeds from over running the yard and other flower beds. The problem, not having the right tools... like a canister sprayer and its been rainy lately.

And I cleaned out the garage and am waiting to find someone who can come with a truck so we can have a dump trip day. We've got a lot to go; like a couch and other trash.

How would you plan to keep your hands and mind busy this summer? Or any time really?

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