Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It is finally starting to really feel like spring around here! Thank goodness!

Life update:
  • 5k this coming Saturday (May 4, and I have not been running so this will hurt)
  • Bible study is beginning to wind down for the summer (though I'm looking forward to a break, the whole summer is a little much). But I am so excited for next years study of Matthew!! 
  • 2 more of my friends are expecting (still no baby-fever here though). 
  • My sister Elisabeth and my friend Carmen, are coming into the home stretches for their pregnancies. 
  • Duncan got a haircut! :D (that's my baby)
  • Working on house projects
I know I need to be better about posting and even better about uploading photos. Our computer has always hated me and now its even turning on Jon, so a new computer could be on the horizon sooner rather than later.

Hope that you are enjoying the nice (finally) weather in the Midwest! I'm getting pumped for summer! I might even get a tanning package so I'm not so pasty this summer!

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