Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hurt So Good...

"come on baby, make it hurt so good..."

This has been replaying in my head since last week because... I started working out!

By working out I mean that I was helping coach my boss's oldest girl, to get ready for her first track season last week! She did more of the running and I was trying to remember everything I knew about track. This will be her first time ever going out for a school sport, so its very exciting for her!

Even still getting out there and hitting the track has been harder on my body than I thought! The last time I trained was 6 years ago and I was at my physical peak. Running 6 miles at 7:00min pace was a breeze and now I am struggling to get through a mile!!

I'm also finding that my 24-year old body is not recovering like my 14-year old body could.

I ended up taking the weekend off because Jon and I both ended up with sore throats, coughs and running noses. It was ridiculous to the point where Jon spent Saturday night on the couch and I ended up sleeping through my alarm for church. We slept most of Sunday.

Here's hoping I can get back out on the track this week. The goal is to be able to run 3 miles 3 times a week before the summer is over! haha

Maybe going to her track meets will help motivate me some more!! Who knows, maybe she and I will be running buddies this summer to help get her ready for her next school sport....tennis in the fall!

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