Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Not much to say...

So there is not much to say right now about what's going on in the Hill's life...
  • Still attending Bible Study Fellowship
  • Still working at my church job
  • Still babysitting Hattie on Saturdays
Duncan has bad teeth and is overweight. So, he has been downgraded to one meal a day and only frozen green beans for treats since they don't have any sodium. However, last night he was left only for 10 minutes in the basement living room and he snagged a Papa John's Garlic Sauce container and ate all the sauce in it and then peed on the laundry room floor. (We also apparently need to start brushing his teeth...)

Jon had to witness his first autopsy for work this week. FUN! (no)

That is about all that is going on beside gearing up for Easter! (3 dozen eggs are waiting to be deviled for Resurrection Sunday!)

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