Tuesday, March 5, 2013

So Over...

I am so over the Kardashian's!  Their whining, fighting, and UNREALISTIC lives!

I will make a concession; I love Khloe! She even seems to think her family can be ridiculous. But lets examine the 4 Kardashian siblings: 

Kourtney has had 2 children with a man she seems to have no intention of marrying.

Kim is pregnant by a man that is not her current husband, which is also her second marriage and been trying to get a divorce for longer than she was married to him. She is also the reason why the whole family is famous because she made a sex tape with a man that she was just dating!!!

Rob, what does he even do?  Did he graduate from college? I will give him credit since he did run cross country in high school!

Khloe, she has been married to 1 man for what 3-4 years, is in a committed relationship and has openly shared her struggle to conceive. (Sorry she is still my favorite; but girl you need to stop stressing about having a baby; enjoy this time with your husband; and enjoy his children)

None of them actually have a talent, as Barbara Walters said. So, why are they famous and rich? Have they ever sacrificed themselves to fight for others (Thank you to all military branches, and any fireman, police officers, etc.)? Kim's illegitimate pregnancy is getting more press than any one of the men and women who have died in the line of fire for our safety and freedom.

They clearly do not understand what life is actually like for real people in America. Which makes them impossible to watch anymore. And now, apparently, Kris is going to have a talk show! Well, guess who won't be watching, (two thumbs point) This Girl! They flaunt their fortune in front of national television when there are millions who can't make ends meet. All I want is to be debt free, find a full time job that doesn't make me leave my morals at the door, and Lord willing be able to start my family someday and not worry how we will provide for them.

America what is wrong with you!? My generation and culture make me very sad and disturbed for the future of America.

(I do admit that I only see what is on television and obviously do not know the inner workings of their true private lives but they are not role models or people we should idolize).


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