Thursday, June 5, 2014


"Never judge a book by it's movie" is a very true statement and one sadly that I experienced last night.

A few years ago a movie came out based on a book series called "Beautiful Creatures".  The trailers intrigued me and so I decided I would read the book and then hopefully see the movie down the line. I read the first 2 books and part of the 3rd book in the series. I really enjoyed the first book; young, teenage love, castors vs mortals, all set underground in a backwoods town in the south. I thought that the authors had really developed a unique and interesting world and characters.

Which was also their downfall for me. The world they created kept expanding throughout the next 2 books and became somewhat too vague to follow and I got confused in the story line and stopped reading.

Anyway, last night the movie was finally on a channel I got and could watch it. While the movie kept to the main story and theme of the book the adaption could have been better. I felt that key points and favored character's were left out or blended to make one character were missing from the book to the screen.

The movie in it's self wasn't awful, kudos for pick leads that actually act like real, awkward teenagers. But the all-star supporting cast kind of out shined them. Its one of those the book was good and they had a great cast so it should have worked! However, I feel that they departed too far from the book to really succeed. Probably, why they haven't made the sequel movie two years later.

Separately, the book and the movie are good, however, I have to say the book is better hands down. I may need to reread it but only reading it once and seeing the movie 2 years later and remembering certain parts that are completely ignored on screen is a bit upsetting.

Have you ever had this been? A movie trail intrigues you to read the book before seeing the movie and then are disappointed when they don't align? It's very frustrating.

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