Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Life of a Cop Wife

Jon, will not like me posting about his profession because of the risk involved, so I will probably never really write about it again so enjoy.
Jon and I have been together 4 1/2 years and married for 1 1/2 years. In the entire time that we have known each other, we have had maybe 2 or 3 holidays together where Jon hasn't had to work.
One of our engagement photos
Our first official holiday together married, where Jon didn’t have to leave to go to work, was yesterday, July 4th, 2012. It was weird having him there but so nice for a change. Normally, Jon has to leave to go to work or doesn’t even get to come to the party (depends on his district and how busy it is).  Our very first Christmas ever together, we had both days off however, I got the stomach flu; I spend my family’s Christmas Eve party in the bathroom with my head in the toilet with Jon standing dutifully outside the door to comfort me.  
That being said, the next time you get pulled over and are rude to the police officer because you think they are mean remember you don’t know what they might be missing. They may be missing their family’s holiday party, or their grandmother’s 90th birthday party! Also, realize that they may not have a weekend with their significant other or family.

Most police officers weekends are actually week days. Jon’s weekend is Tuesday/Wednesday. We are luckily in that since, I currently only work part time, we have Tuesday and Wednesday evenings after I get home from work, and the mornings I have off before Jon goes to work (2nd shifter). My friend Kayla and her husband (who is also a police officer and 2nd shifter) only have Tuesday & Wednesday evenings and Saturday & Sunday mornings together. They don’t even get 1 day off together.

I have gone to so many family functions for both my family and Jon’s family by myself, its heartbreaking (I’m getting a little mist-eyed typing that). I get to see my husband a lot more than most police wives, but it’s not always quality, we have one day to cram stuff in, and in the mornings we have, Jon just wants to do nothing but relax and spend time doing his own thing before going to a very stressful and life-threatening job. Every time Jon puts on his uniform there is always the possibility he might not come home that night.
So, before you make a stupid decision or think a cop is “out to get you,” maybe you should think about the fact that they are missing being with their family’s to help protect the public. And the majority of police officers have family’s that worry every day if they will be coming home to them. We love them and want to build our lives with these men and women who protect us!

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