Thursday, June 28, 2012

Negative Nancy

Sorry but this is another "Negative Nancy" kinda post...I am really struggling right now. Hoping to have a "Duncan" post tonight or tomorrow!

I love my job as my church's administrative assistant/office manager/jack-of-all-trades! The sad thing is is that it's only part-time :(  But I have earned a lot of freedom and trust with my job which is really nice and I am responsible for more projects and such. However, I do have a few (more and more lately) things that do pop up to annoy me!

I have always been willing to go above and beyond in this job, hence the freedom, but lately its been feeling more and more like I am being taken advantage of. I am sure this happens in any job but when people just expect you to drop everything for them or give you a project at the last minute, and you can't tell them to *bleep* off or get angry because its a church office, no bieno! Or when apparently something was supposed to be your job or you were to do something but no one every told that!

I am totally okay to do work and projects but not last minute! And if you give me something last minute don't bitch about the quality, or mistakes made! If you wanted it perfect, you should have asked a month or 2 before hand!

Case in point, 2 weeks before summer children's ministry was to start, the associate pastor told me that I need to get on organizing volunteers and here's the list, do background checks, etc. I had been asking about this information for 2 months leading up to this!!! ARUGH! Seriously! I had 2 weeks to organize teachers, assistant and support staff! And I had to run the new computerized check-in system.

I haven't been to a church service in 2 months! I know I could go to early church (we only offer Sunday school during 2nd service) but I like my sleep and spending time with my husband who works Sunday evenings. I honestly believe the last time I went to church was Mother's Day (May 13th!)!

And now somehow I am responsible for Vacation Bible School stuff....great! I am drawing the line! I am helping in our children's ministry without complicant more than the parents of children in the ministry but seriously!

This is also stems from that as part-time, I am only paid for the hours I work in the office and in the almost two years I have worked here, I have only received one, 5%, rise. For what I make an hour, 5% = 60 cents more an hour! What?!?!

This is why I have restarted my job search. I know this happens in every job but if I am going to be treated like this I would like to know that my time and energy are paid for.

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