Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Holy Smokes! It's August!

Where did July go?!? Jeez, I blinked and its August! And I realize that I have been completely slacking on posting. I have been busy/a little down in the dumps.

I have been putting in for jobs and interviewed for a few but was denied. No big deal because there has been a lot going on. This week is Vacation Bible School at the church and I have been helping with that, which makes for long work days since our is in the evenings (12 hour days) and also this week we are getting new windows installed at the house!!!!

That's the biggie! We have been waiting since the beginning of June to get this done and its finally here! Though I will need to deep clean my house after they are all in because the the insulation getting everywhere. Oh, and its only a bazillion degrees outside and we turned the AC off when the workers are there, so nothing like stewing in your own house on the last day in July!

And of course I am watching the Olympics! Go Illini athletes that are competing!

So that's your update for the first day of August! I hope you had a rockin' July!

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