Thursday, November 1, 2012

One and Done

Note: I am not a huge fan of politics nor do I claim to understand how our government works or all the issues. However, I have my beliefs and needed to get them out! This will be my only political post. And remember this is America and I am entitled to my opinion, just like you. This is not an attack on any one's personal views or beliefs.

We are in the middle of the storm and the end is coming!  Election day is November 6 (my 2 year wedding anniversary!)! Get out and vote! I'm also so excited for all the campaign ads to be over! The backstabbing reminds me of high school and grade school!

This is my one politically motivating post, so don't fear that they all will be but I just I needed to have an outlet for myself right now! I am not a political person and don't really follow politics, so I know I may not have all the facts right so just deal!

I work in a nondenominational Bible-teaching & believing Christian church office. However, when you normally think of Christians, one usually assumes they are Conservative, Republicans. Guess again!

I am a Liberal, Democrat Christian.They are hard to find within the Christian community and if they are out there they are out numbered and keep mum on their political alliances.

I am tired of people assuming they know my beliefs and views when I say I am a Christian because they do not. Now, for me the big topics that get brought up is gay marriage and abortion.

I am Pro-choice however that does not mean I am pro-abortion. Pro-choice simply is a woman's right to choice to keep an unwanted pregnancy or not. It should not be used as a form of birth control, ladies, always have protection or control yourself!  I can say for a fact that pregnancy before marriage for me would only have been possible through an attack and I am 100% certain if that had happened and resulted in a pregnancy I would have had an abortion. If someday I am blessed to become pregnant with my husband and there are complications and it comes down to me or the baby, I chose me! Sorry, I'm not sorry, that is what Pro-choice means! That is my choice and for the record, my husband and I have discussed this and agree.

I am also not anti-gay. Do I agree with it? No. However, that is that persons choice, and we live in America where that choice can be made. I hate the sin, not the sinner! They should be happy regardless just like everyone else because I love them. I am still looking for my gay best friend and hopefully I will have one someday! :) Let me know if you are looking for a friend!

I believe in the separation of church and state just like our founding father's! America is where we can choose what to believe, how to live and how to practice what we believe. However, my faith does effect my vote, I'm not saying it doesn't because it does. It is a part of who I am and what I believe. I believe God is the one in ultimate control over everything...

But for all my Conservative, Christian, Republican friends, who don't want a separation between church and state, I ask you, how can you possible vote for a Mormon?

That is my stance based on my political and religious views. I don't have a problem with people who believe differently than me, again that is their choice and their right here in America. However, do not be angry with me or miss judge for my beliefs that are different from yours and I will give you the same love and respect.

One more note, what you do have to say about government assistance now Gov. Romney, post-Sandy?

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