Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Running, Really?

Is it true that I am seriously considering running again? Ugh! I never thought I would feel the need to run again ever!

It has been nearly 6 years since I last truly ran or trained. Its hard to believe that time has flown by that quickly! I stopped running mid-April of 2007. It was the end of my freshman year of college and I could not have been more grateful for that school year to be almost over! I had committed to running 1-year with the coach at the University of Illinois. (I am the first to admit that if it had not been for the coach I would not have gotten into school there, for that I am thankful). But it was a long, stressful, horrible year!

I even told my mom and sister, Maggie (who also run for Illinois) that I was good for the next 5-6 years to do nothing, after I quit. Welp, those 5-6 years are up! Eek!

I never really enjoyed running or competing it was just what we did, and I had some natural ability for it and I actually got really good when I started weight lifting (which I loved). So, now I need to again find what love I did have for the sport, oh so many years ago!

I know I won't be back to the level I was on, and not sure I would really want to be. This is more for my health and future health. Wish me luck and motivation to actually get back out there and run! Below are some photos to let you see where I was physically going into college and where I am now. Maybe if your lucky I will do a new spandex and sports bra photo! ;)

Summer 2006 - Just before freshman year of college with my sisters (I'm on the far right)

April 2007 - Last official track meet of my life!

Fall 2012 - Still supporting and loving the Illini!
Summer 2012 - With Jon (check out the difference in my arm from 2007 to 2012)

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