Friday, February 15, 2013


Sunday night I was making a romantic dinner for an early Valentine's dinner. (I work first shift and Jon works 2nd shift on the day of love, so we won't see each other). The entree was done, the salads ready, one side was done and I was working on the last side. Homemade mashed potatoes! I was cleaning out my stick hand blender I was using, and accidentally pushed the trigger and ZING!

I cut my right index finger pretty badly. I hollered out for Jon, he came in saw what happened....and 20 minutes later we were waiting in the ER for another 2 hours for me to get 3 stitches. So much for a romantic, early Valentine's!

So, now I have 10 days until I can have them removed. That's 10 days of having it bandaged and avoiding getting the stitches wet (no doing dishes and showering is a challenge). Writing and typing are proving difficult, and opening doors and drying my hair, and other bathroom, routines. I never realized how much I actually use my index finger until the past few days and not having the use of that one finger affects using the rest of the fingers.

I have a great respect for any one who has suffered a much worse injury than I did.

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