Thursday, July 14, 2011

What should I write about?

When starting any project or idea, I always have had the fear that it will come across as stupid, selfish, and that the end result will not look at all like I had invisioned in my head.  I have always had the problem with making the result and reality match up with the vision and then was discouraged.  Also, being the youngest of 8 children, and having all of my seven older siblings been successful or had a great talent or smart, does not help! In fact it makes it harder to blaze your own path because you can already see where certain paths have lead.  As a child my goal was to fly under the radar, to not rock the boat, to be left alone, however that does not always happen...

As of right now this blog is going to start with me trying to find who I am and create my own path of in life beside my husband.  As self-helpie as that may sound it is what I need to do.  I know that who I am now is not who I will be in 5 years and that the self is ever changing. 

All I need now to get started is to find activities and ideas that will help me to expand myself...any suggestions?

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