Thursday, July 21, 2011

When did playing make believe become not okay?

When did playing make believe become not okay?

Seriously!? What is wrong with grown-ups playing dress up and indugling in their daydreams by dressing up and acting them out?

I loved playing dress-up and make-believe! And I feel that college took away my ability to think creativitly. The sad thing is, is that I majored in ag communications with the dream of becoming an advertising creative! My mom has said that when I would play by myself (which rarely happened) she couldn't tell how many kids were in the basement though she knew I was the only one, because my older brothers and sisters were at school.  I used to be able to carry on several different storylines in my head and play them out, granted with no one watching, either with my fingers, my own body or with Barbies! I loved playing with Barbies (I had Barbie before she tried to go all Bratz Doll and got all creepy looking! That is a whole other ranting that will most likely come out), I remember in High School, my girlfriends loved spending the night at my house because I still had all my Barbie stuff out for my nieces and nephews to play with.  We would be up until late at night playing with Barbie's at 17-years old!

I think that as we age we lose our ability to daydream and make-believe that all things are possible in our minds.  And they don't need to be the same daydreams or make-believe stories we had as children but we need to allow ourselves to indulge and act like the children we wish we still are! 

Hopefully, I will be able to regain my creativity! Life and reality can be stressful and sometimes we need to escape to a place where no one find our own Neverlands!

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