Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Lady Cave

It is official, the office is now my "Lady Cave"!  All it took was me asking and demanding that this is what I wanted and this was what was going to happen!  The office is now clean and pink! Below are a few before and after shots.  Also, I tried using my fancy camera and for the before shots I could not remember how to zoom out. Oops!
From the doorway before.

This has been my desk since I was little, it was my Great-Aunt Mildred's. Its now in the Man-Cave.

The new entrance!

The blogging corner.

My reading chair and my sewing table (very out of practice with sewing).

The closet! Double doors! More like craft and seasonal storage.

More of the closet and a few of my obsessions! Shoes and Vera Bradley!

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