Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Stalker-book Issue

Stalker-I mean Facebook's latest layout change! If you have been around the last 8 or so years and have used a computer and are reading this blog then you at least know about Facebook, even if you don't use it (which you truly should)! I heart Facebook....most of the time! But over the past few years, I've notice that it really annoys me for the following reasons:

1. The constant layout upgrades! Seriously, I believe that in the last year there have been like 2 or 3 changes to the NewsFeed and my profile! Just Stop already! You change, I get mad, I get over my anger and get used to the new layout and BAM! You change again....WTFreak? (anger in uses, I get over the anger and upgrade)

2. Limited name changes: I have learned that Facebook limits how many times you are allowed to change your name. I have changed my name twice, since getting it in Spring 2006. Once, to add my nickname because my friends forgot my real name in college and the last time when I got married in November 2010. I hyphenated my new last name to my maiden name to transition for a few months and now I am stuck with the hyphenated version! I legally do not have a hyphenation, I dropped my maiden name. WTFreak? (anger in uses, Not getting over this because I hate when people use the hyphenated name for me because its not legally my name)

3. Defriendings: I am a self-proclaimed Facebook Stalker, if I don't know you but want to know you, I will find you and stalk what info I can from your limited profile! But to me there is no bigger slap in the "facebook" then when I go to creep on ya and you have defriended me! I creep because I care (or secretly hate you and want ammo to use). (anger in uses, I get over it and stalk your limited profile)

But seriously, as much as we all complain about Facebook we are all just stalking/creeping and deep down we love it and will continue to be addicted!

And as a reminder, I will hunt you and I will find you on Stalker-book!

Pst: Please "like" me! Or just vent out what annoys you about Stalker-book and why you love it at the same time!

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