Wednesday, October 10, 2012


UPDATE: I sent the HR Director an email when I got the mix up and just wanted to make sure that I didn't get someone else's email. They responded with the fact that for some reason their email/web-server is acting a-fool, up in here! 

So, I normally don't let anyone know when I have an interview but I have one coming up! Yay for getting an interview. I'm on the fence with it since it would mean a long commute and it would mean a huge life change, etc. And I am starting to do my research and compile my questions...

However, its very awkward when you get an email from the company's HR Dept. telling you that you have already been selected for a 2nd round interview. Say What?!? I haven't even been to your building or met anyone in person, or had my 1st interview!

Now, I am seriously questioning your company and how successful it is if this is the stuff your HR Department is pulling...

Has this ever happened to you?

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