Monday, October 22, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Nailed It!

Lately, I have been once again actually doing pins on my boards. Namely my Foodology board because its delish and easier for me to do. However, I still stink and taking photos, blah! Maybe sometime I will remember to take photos before I start eating the finished product!

Pinned Image I made these a while go very good. I'm not a huge Nutella fan but definitely good in these! This is the link used on this photo.
Pinned Image Pizza Casserole! Soooo good! Beware following the recipe strictly makes a TON of it!! Not even joking. I usually follow recipes strictly the first time or two and then try to cut it down, for some reason that is easier for me. Here is the link. Definitely something to make for a large group, I found just a small portion was really filling.

Pinned Image First time making a whole chicken! I was nervous! But it turned out really good, though maybe a little dry in places it was in the crock for like 8-9 hours. I used a salt, pepper, chopped onion, and I can't remember the other spice for my rub....probably could have used some actually heat spice I think but I don't do well with spicy. Here is where I got the courage to try and where the pin links.
Pinned Image I feel these could have been better/not as good as I was expecting. However, I did use the store brand biscuits, so maybe that played a part. I used left over chicken from my crock pot adventure in these too; that could also have played a part. I just eyeballed the measurements since the link didn't give any beyond the can of cream of chicken and cups of certain things. But if you have everything on hand (I didn't have onion powder or garlic salt - I used garlic powder) this is a quick little dinner/snack/what-have-you.

Pinned ImageI already posted on this here so be sure to check it out!

I've got the stuff for a few more dishes so hopefully, I will let you know my verdict on those later, pray I am able to get some photos too!! It doesn't help that I swear our computer (aka Jon's) doesn't like me and never has.

Anything you have a pin for and haven't tried yet? Just remember to make it work for you if there is something you know you won't like in it replace it with something you know you will.

Cooking is all about learning and trying! I usually stick to recipes that are more simple.

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