Monday, October 1, 2012

Crampin' My Style

I love my husband! Very dearly, he takes such good care of us and provides a lot for us! But something I guess I blocked from myself before we got married was that 1) he has no sense of style and 2) he doesn't always like me expressing mine. He is crampin' my decorating, artistic outlet!

I would say that we are both more lazy relaxed when it comes to stuff around the house. I am trying but more organization and thought into the care of our home. Namely, we've had our house for 2 1/2 years now and its high time we get some pictures up on the walls! Especially, a certain giant, white brick wall in our family room. See here for more on that!

Jon's parents gave us this giant antique mirror a while back and is now my inspiration for getting on putting some life on that wall. Only problem: Jon.

He is working on another project right now that has been on going for months and I would love for him to hurry up and finish so we can move on to this. Also, it will cost us some monies to get our wall gallery started but I will slowly but surely try and get this underway!

If only I had like some super hand, strong decorator friends like David Bromstad or someone to help and to pay for it too!

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