Friday, September 21, 2012

Maggie's Baby Shower

Sadly, if you read my blog post last week about the impending Baby-Apocalypse, I am sorry to say that one of my 4 older sisters is currently infected and her transformation is expected around the end of October. Below are the photos from the baby shower my sisters and I hosted a few weekends ago for Maggie. (We sadly forgot to get a sister's picture at the shower, however there are pictures from the night before at the bar of the 5 of us that I don't have!) Yes, we pre-gamed the baby shower and prego was jealous!

Maggie and Baby Butterfield!

Our nephew Ben said he could feel the baby move!

Maggie with Cassie (Chanlie) and Kelly! We all ran at Illinois together!

Sister Elisabeth getting her birthday pic on Dad's lap! (I told you its a tradition!)
The theme was woodland, since the nursery is a treehouse theme with little woodland creature decals on the walls. Maggie and Nick decided they wanted to be surprised when they have the baby so they aren't finding out the baby is, so its either a boy or girl.

Any guesses on what it could be? I'm saying Boy!

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