Thursday, September 6, 2012


Its coming! The end of the world is coming! Babies! Babies are how Zombies are made. I mean seriously, they live off of another organism in incubation for 9-months then rip/slide/cut their way out! Only to turn their caregivers into sleep deprived, mindless Zombie-beings!

This is just a bandwagon like chalking your hair, eating paste, all your friends get engaged/married and then comes the scariest bandwagon: everyone starts having babies!!!! And then they are forever changed into something unnatural!

All kidding aside, I will honestly say there is nothing more that I would love to do than start my family, its all I have ever dreamed about doing in this life. Call me crazy! With that being said, I also have always known that having a baby is not as easy or cute or fun as books, television and movies try and make it seem. Heck, my sister, who is expecting her first child at the end of October will actually be giving me my 16th niece or nephew!

Due to this many offspring already provided to both my parents (14) and my in-laws (2); my husband and I are actually being pressured to wait to have a child. Which we are both totally okay with! But seriously, it seems, like every time I get on Facebook nowadays someone is announcing that they are excepting!

Like seriously, stop being reproductive, everyone! Television shows, I've been sucked into "Married to Jonas" on E! and they are even having the baby-making convo's! Even other bloggers I follow are having babies!

It feels like society is telling me to have a baby already. I know way more about pregnancy, labor and delivery, and actually having a newborn than someone should who doesn't have their own child should.

Sorry, I have been hitting my panic button on the whole Baby-Apocalypse which is happening around me! I am excited for the day when its my time to become a Zombie-parent, but that time is not now and its one of the pressures that I feel from society!

I am grateful that I don't have pressure from my husband (who is just as freaked out by it as me and who has told me that in the actually event of a really Zombie Apocalypse isn't afraid to do what needs to be done!) and from our families!

Do you feel the Baby-Apocalypse is near too?

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