Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Being A Grown-Up Stinks!

As a kid you have an idealized version of how being an adult is, little do you realize that it is not how it really is! It's more than getting to stay up late, eating whatever you want, buying whatever you want or going wherever you want.

Being a grown up means paying bills, worrying about the roof leaking, budgeting, make sure your doing everything to prevent illness, finding a decent job, making hard life choices, etc.

It really stinks!

I've had a more idealized version of adulthood from one perspective: I've only worked part-time jobs while looking for a career/full-time because Jon has a semi-decent job.

On the flip side: I've not been able to find a full-time job. I'm either over-qualified, under-qualified or not qualified at all for positions! I've canvased applying and I've been picky! And still nothing after 3 and half years! No full time job, no career path to follow and feeling stuck in random part-time never-ending-land.

I know 3 years of waiting is a drop in the bucket to the 20+ years Abraham and Sarah waited for Isaac to come. *(Lord, please give me strength if Your plan is for me to wait that long! I won't make it without You!)

Jon and I have a lot of decisions to make in the near future that does not include a family! We are still a way's off from that path. I'm feeling the urgency (God's calling?) to make some major changes and wreck my cushy, comfortable, stable, never-changing life.

Pray for me during this time; that I would seek God's wisdom and strength in making decisions that will hopefully glorify Him more!

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