Thursday, October 10, 2013


Warning: I will be extremely terrible about posting for awhile! (Not that I've ever been the greatest at regular postings). But now I have a legit reason!

I am working 2 part-time jobs this fall! YAY! Not so much!

I'm still working at the church 3 days a week and another 3 afternoon/evenings a week. The other is as a scale operator at the grain elevator my sister, Teresa has worked out for over 15 years! They need an extra set of hands to help ease up the burden on the office "girls," Teresa and Suzie.

I work there Thursday evenings for about 3-4 hours after putting in 8 hours at the church and then Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday's. Saturday's are crazy; my day starts by waking up at 5:00a to get ready, 6:30a - leader's meeting for BSF (I love this time though), pick Hattie up from my sister (my other job), Maggie's work place @ 9:00a; after Hattie's morning nap and lunch we had out to the elevator the goal is to be there by 1:00p; then Teresa takes Hattie to her house leaving me to operate the scales into the evening.

Pray for me! Hoping that we have good weather so harvest can be over quickly with a bumper crop and happy farmers!

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