Friday, February 21, 2014


Growing into a function, productive member of our society is different for everyone but I don't think we ever really outgrow peer pressure. And with today's culture of social networking the tradition of leaving people in the past isn't as easy. You can stalk those people that should have been left in high school through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., etc.

Which can bring on jealousy and bitterness and childish feelings that previous generations have been able to move beyond. It can bring on the pressure to prove that you are successful, that you have made something of yourself. That you have grown up and moved beyond them.

There is the pressure to have a big house, a nice car, be rich and have material goods, get married and have 2.5 children and then retire comfortably. And social media can show you how far beyond your peers you are in achieving all that you are excepted to have and be.

Now, I'm not swearing off social media...I love it! But I do wish that I wasn't addicted to it and that when I stalk check in on someone that I didn't become a hateful, jealous, bitter and judgmental person. My goal has been to try and honestly be happy and joyful that according to social media that they have it together (and to forgive any perceived mistreatment from 10 years ago).

I should not be jealous and envious that high school class members who got married years after me have already started their families. I was a delusional early 20's girl when I got married that honestly believed that by this point we'd be rich and already be starting our family and I would be a SAHM (stay at home mom).

But God had other plans for me and Jon. I needed to ride the struggle-bus; I'm still on it to be honest because I'm still growing up. I like to think it's because I truly cherished and didn't rush my childhood and teen years. Thank you older siblings for showing me how precious a childhood can be!

On my journey to grow closer to the Lord, I must learn to love my neighbors and to love them with an honest, Christ-like joy. Which can be a struggle and I'm working on it. My goal when on social media now is to express joy for everyone's life mountains and pray for their valleys.

How are you working on cultivating a caring, soft, and Christ-like heart toward others?

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