Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"The Shining" Review

Recently, I finished reading Stephen King's The Shining.

I have loved the movie for some time now but had never read the book. My MIL (mother-in-law) loves Stephen King and has read all of his books. She is just an avid reader! It's awesome because my husband is also a reader but I've usually leaned more toward the romance-girly novels but have decided to challenge myself to read more and widen my range.

Jon bought the Kindle version in the Fall when the sequel, Doctor Sleep was released. I downloaded it too and slowly started to make my way through it. I've been off and on with reading it due to transitioning into a new job/schedule and the holidays. I finally finished it thanks to a Valentine's evening spent alone and an unexpected snow day from work on President's Day.

I would say the book is better than the movie! And it almost  makes me sad because I like the movie! Almost! The mental image is way more intense than the image on the screen; this is why your imagination is your best friend and worst enemy!

I felt that Wendy and Danny were better in the book, hands down. Wendy wasn't as annoying and Danny wasn't as creepy. Jack, was level across the board from the book to the movie and if anything, Jack Nicholson was spot one for the role in my opinion even though movie Jack and book Jack are at times not the same (One of King's big complaints about the movie).

King has such a way of writing that it can truly cause you to feel as if you are there. I think I had such a hard time getting through the book because I would get so freaked out that I would have to stop reading. My brain and heart couldn't take it! But having seen the movie, I knew the general idea of how it should end and that helped push me through.

It made me wonder if Jon and I could survive being isolated for 6-7 months in a snow covered hotel; let alone in a hotel that is out to claim you for its self.

All in all, Stephen King is not my natural pick but of the 2 books I have read of his (The Shining & 11/22/63), I have been shocked by how much I did enjoy them after I was finished. Getting through them is difficult for me since they are not my go-to choices but definitely worth reading.

The next Stephen King book on my list will be Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining. Though in the habit I am forming with King's books, I probably won't read it until the fall.

However, do not suggest that I read It! That will never happen! I am still extremely scarred from the movie which I for some reason was able to watch at a very, very young age and have to thank for my fear of clowns. And thanks to my friends from junior high when they found out why I was afraid of clowns for making me afraid of bleachers! Thanks but no thanks!

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