Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blessings in Disguise

Warning: This gets mushy!

This week at work we've had 2 separate funerals (one Tuesday and one Wednesday). I got a call from the pastor on Monday, one of my days off, giving me a heads up on what was going on (plus I needed to order the floral arrangements for the church so good call pastor!)

Tuesday morning was stressful! Thankfully, I didn't need to go shopping for supplies for the luncheon that afternoon and a family member showed up to help set up and help run it. It was great getting to meet Debbie and found out that we probably have some distant relations through marriages, crazy!

But the real treat and bright spot in the day was when walking between the church building and education building in the afternoon, was that across the street a guy was being yelled at by some girl. Turns out the guy was a boy I crushed on about 10 years ago, who "dumped" me via email! First time I've seen him in as many years and it was exactly what I needed for the 15-year old girl inside and to throw off the stresses of the day.

But the blessing was realizing that God had protected my heart from this boy I wanted so much and how blessed I am to have my husband, who respects me and cherishes me. Yes we have our fights and our moments but we have a love and respect for one another. I look forward to having a family with him and watching his red hair, that I adore, turn gray.

I love you, Jon and am so blessed be able to give you my whole heart and being!

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