Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Sloth Epidemic

When I say, The Sloth Epidemic, I'm not talking about this kind of sloth:

but this kind of sloth:

Seriously? That is not an outfit! Are we so lazy we can't even put on two separate pieces of clothing?

We've all seen it and we are all guilty of it! I, myself am guilty on occasion of going to the store in sweatpants. (Be mindful of the store your going to, a hardware store you can totally sloth it in if you are in the middle of a project). But for the most part, even when I am just at home for a day, I will try and put on clean yoga pants and a cute shirt and when the weather is nice I love wearing sundresses around the house. I brush my hair, my teeth and wash my face and maybe put on some make up.

In college, I slothed it a lot, especially freshman and sophomore years but my junior year I started realizing that I needed to up my clothing game. I love putting on clothes and looking presentable for all occasions. I began taking more pride in how I presented myself in my classes. Heck, I wore pearls almost everyday the entire spring semester (even with jeans and Uggs)! That was were I found my balance.

Ladies, it is not that hard to put on some jeans or a skirt and a clean shirt, brush your teeth and hair and put on some make-up! I am a girly-girl and love getting ready but I'm completely able to shower, do my hair and make-up and dress in 30-45 minutes tops when under pressure. (Even less when its warm outside because the hair doesn't need to be completely dry; I have semi-curly hair so I rock the air-dried, wave-curl).

We can't point fingers at others without first inspecting ourselves. I'm not saying everything single day of the week. And you don't need to wear dresses and heels! Find what works for you, what makes you feel most feminine, put together, what makes you the most happy and have higher self-esteem.

You are a walking billboard for yourself, dress like you respect yourself because if you don't no one will.

I try and make an effort every time I step outside my house because:
  1. I represent myself, my husband, and our families. 
  2. I respect myself.
  3. You never know who you will meet.

And remember:

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