Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's the little purchases..

Is it not amazing how when you just go shopping with an idea, not concrete, and just wonder a store, how you can find some awesome deals or cool/unique things?

Last night, I finally did just that first I hit The Attic, this awesome tiny, cramped little shop here where you can buy secondhand furniture and I found some awesome pieces that I need to think about, bonus, the price are marked with the next mark down price once it hits a certain date. As badly as I wanted a few items (a rocking chair, a make-up vanity and mirror and a cedar chest), I told Jon that for now my shopping focus will be on outdoor and bathroom remodel stuff.

Anyway, after The Attic, I headed over to Tuesday Morning, I just recently discovered what this store is and am shocked I never knew before, while there I proceeded to wonder, I'm debating on what color towels to get for the bath once its finished (hopefully sooner rather than later), they had a good selection that was decently priced.

But I ended up getting a WoodWicks candle in a manly scent, a Village Candle (looks like a Yankee knock-off) in a summery scent, a new rug for by the back kitchen door for $10 (aka Duncan's door) and a new Sealy pillow for me for the bed for $10! And it was glorious nights sleep!  Jon actually cuddled me because he wanted to try out the pillow too, haha!

I have used everything but the WoodWicks candle, obviously, and all have been great! I love when that happens! I'm looking forward to starting to get more decor for the bathroom hopefully that will help light a fire under us to finish it!

I also dropped in Jeffery Allens, and found some super cute pillows for the living room but I controlled myself since I had already got a few things. But I'm now on the hunt for new throw pillows for the living rooms!

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