Monday, January 27, 2014


Oh, why do I do this?

I have a sickness, a problem, a disease, a madness! It's called "home decorating"!

Now that I have a full time job, there is more money coming in for making updates to the house! YAY! But less time to do them in, Boo!

One much needed update is blinds! We have been living sans blinds for over a year and a half now. We replaced all the windows in our home and got new siding in August 2012. And I hated the blinds that had come with the house so we just choose not to put them back up and would get new...

And money had been tight, so new blinds waited, and waited, and waited some more... until finally we realized how much we needed them. But custom is what we have to have because of the window dimensions, so we will be slowly going room to room getting blinds (they still are expensive even with a little more coming in each month).

The first set finally came! We are getting blinds for the front bedrooms first (another reason to wait, our bedroom is at the back of the house and we don't have neighbors close to use out the back and they are high up). We don't really use those front rooms since we don't have children yet or a lot of house guests. Jon uses one for keeping his work uniforms and gear in it and its wear he gets ready each day for work, so it needed blinds! Especially, when we realized that one of neighbor's can see right in when they have their front blinds up too! I actually caught them one time.... creep!

Anyway, we have blinds up in one room now! But in my craziness, the casements needed to be painted, we had never painted them when we painted the room, they were still a purpley-lavender, what had been there when we moved it. So, I spent a few hours painting the casings with a little art craft brush white. It took 3 coats (I would have preferred more but Jon said no).

We also ordered a blind for the 1/2 bath on the main level but of course I couldn't leave it what started as just painting the casings quickly turned into lets just repaint this entire room! It's a disease! I started this project 4 days before having a party at my house... Way to go smarty pants!  I will do my best to finish but doubt it will happen quickly...

Wish me luck...(seriously, what was I thinking?)

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