Wednesday, January 8, 2014

That Moment You Realize...

I am becoming my parents!

Oh what a sad realization that is when it hits you... For The Hill's - The Younger (aka me and Jon) its been a slow realization but has been made more clear lately.

Yesterday was Jon's 30th birthday. He is not a happy camper about getting older but I'm of the mind that nothing will change the passage of time. We can't age backwards like Benjamin Button, we can only move forward and accept the aging process.

Anyway, we went to dinner with his parents and then decided to go run an errand. We live in Illinois, and Jon has a job were he's outside a lot but he doesn't have good cold-weather gear. (The man didn't have a winter work coat!!) We went to Dick's and were looking found what he wanted but either they didn't have his size or the sticker shock got us.

1. Sticker shock - I believe this hits men differently than women and at different stages. I hit it a few years ago when I decided to be more responsible with grocery, home decor, and clothes shopping. Jon, I believe really just hit it last night. He's always been a, "here is what I want, and I'm going to buy the first one I see" instead of pricing and shopping around.

So, with Dick's being a bust, I suggested we try somewhere else, he wanted Carhartt's, where's one of the best places to find Carhartt's? Farm'n'Fleet!

2. We enjoyed shopping at Farm'n'Fleet and will be back - as children we both hated when our dad's needed to go to Farm'n'Fleet. It was boring and had nothing for us as children, I thought the clothes ugly. Oh, how wrong we were!

Jon ended up with a new winter work coat, long underway, and work gloves. He's still on the hunt for overalls (they didn't have his size, WTH?) and a face mask.

Driving away, we talked about how much we underestimated the wonders of Farm'n'Fleet and came to the realization... we are slowly turning into our parents.

Not a bad thing because both our parents have had lasting marriages, worked good/hard jobs and have reached that peak in life that we would call success. I'm curious to see how much we end up like them in the future...

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