Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Major Wife Win

I've earned a major wife win!

Jon celebrated a big birthday last week by turning the Dirty Thirty! We kept it low key, which he said he wanted because he wasn't to thrilled about this birthday. Little did he know that I had planned a big ol' surprise party for him! :)

I started the planning stages way back in like September with my sister, Teresa. Teresa and her husband threw each other surprise parties over the summer because they too celebrated big birthdays!

The original plan was for Jon to go to breakfast with his parents, brother and sister (and me) on January 5th, two days before his actually birthday. However, Mother Nature decided to throw a temper tantrum and send us into the Polar Vortex! I cancelled the party and rescheduled it for the next week. Talk about panic. I had so many people to contact ASAP on Friday, January 3rd and I had to cancel the cake, etc etc.

Jon's sister had to go back to Iowa so she wasn't able to come back for the party reschedule :( but Jon's parents and I forged on with the breakfast for all of us on the next Sunday! I was to pretend to be sick to get out of it. And let's just say I should be winning an Oscar for my performance! Jon said I was so believable that he was annoyed and just wanted his parents to come get him so he didn't have to hear me whine! I even had tears in my eyes!

They left, and I had 2 hours to finish party prep, aka pick up everything I couldn't because he'd have noticed something was up (I'm not a great housekeeper); and I need to get drag everything I had been hiding out from their hiding places, like the basement and the trunk of my car!

Everyone arrived between 12:30-1:00pm and Jon didn't figure out anything until he was right outside the door and asked his mom, "Is this a party?"

The relief to know I had succeeded and that it was over was unbelievable! I will never have another surprise party! Everyone had a great time, lots of food, lots of talking, and lots of fun!

Have you had a major win over your spouse too?

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