Friday, March 7, 2014

Duncan - Update

So, I love my dog! My Duncan, my baby! He is just a sweet boy when it suits him and like a real child he doesn't listen when I'm talking to him. He's been super cuddly this winter, and has somehow managed to find himself in our bed almost every night, right between me and Jon by our heads. How grateful am I that his only 11 pounds and curls up like a cat most of the time. He also loves to curl up and snuggle in my armpit. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Its not bad starting the night but by 3:00am, not so much.

Anyway, for Christmas, I got him some special treats and few new toys. Which quickly became his favorite toys, especially, a little green, squeak bone that was only about 3" long and 1" wide. He loves it so much he's cuddled with it.

Sadly, a few weeks ago, the squeaker broke. He was heartbroken. Before we noticed it Duncan would paw at the bone and make a crying/whimpering sound. This is the first toy in nearly 2-years that he's been so attached too. What is even more depressing, is that it was a holiday special at the dog bakery, and they don't have anymore, nothing even close! NOTHING!!

Duncan still tries to play with it and if you have 2 toys he prefers the bone. And yes, he still cries and then looks at us like, "Fix It!" Crazy!

I'm still on the hunt for something similar but am losing hope.

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