Monday, March 3, 2014

Let the Fandom Begin

It may or may not be obvious, but I am a fangirl. For shame! But the first step is admitting it and the second step not giving a flute and rushing head long into the fandom!

Fandoms of the Past:
Backstreet Boys
Heath Ledger
Harry Potter - books and movies
Twilight - books and movies (don't judge me)
Downton Abbey (though I'm way behind, never finished season 3)
Jennifer Lawrence
etc. etc. etc.

The latest fandom to add is.... Sherlock. I realize that I'm about 4 years behind in the world of Sherlock. Oh, the talented Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch. Or as I refer to them, Bilbo and Sherlock.
This show makes me cry for American television! No more reality shows, pleeease!

Plus, its a modern take on a classic! And its been created by two superfans of Sherlock Holmes! This is has now set off a need in me to read the stories; hopefully I will accomplish this! Or at least a few of them.

Jon and I have spent the last couple of Sunday's with Sherlock marathons, thank you Netflix and all 3 seasons already being out on Blu-Ray. It is the only thing we can agree on and both enjoy at the moment; which is nice.

Have you ever experienced a fandom? Where your reality exists around the fandom?

My fandoms last a while and then I calm down; hopefully this happens soon...

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