Monday, March 24, 2014

Foot in Mouth

So, I have been a bad wife! I believe that Jon is a hoarder (which is true) however by pointing out his flaw, I was ignoring my own. We are cleaning and organizing the house and through this process I have found my hoarding problem. I am all for keeping precious items to save for the future, however, they need to be organized in a way that doesn't look like clutter.

Where Jon keeps everything claiming it is a collection or collectible with no organization, I am a clothes hoarder. Now, I'm not a shopper nor am I constantly buying new clothes and not getting rid of old stuff because I don't shop that often and I am a big pusher for donating but I am a hoarder of t-shirts and special/meaningful clothing items.

While going through the basement, we stumbled upon 2 bins that belong to me that are nothing but t-shirts and sweats from high school and college. This is on top of the special dresses (wedding/proms/bridesmaids), childhood dresses and shoes I have kept as well.

So, I am offering an official and public apology to my husband: I am sorry focusing on what I believe is your problem while not seeing/avoiding my own issues with hoarding.

Now, does anyone know where I can get t-shirt quilts made without spending a fortune? I bet if I can get a 2-3 quilts made from these shirts they could all fit in one container!

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