Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Whirlwind Adventures

This past week as been crazy! We have officially been on the market for a week and have had showings everyday but Sunday (thank goodness)! While the feedback as been mostly positive (yes, we know the house still needs some updating and work) it is still frustrating to see the line, "seriously interested" but no offers have come in. Grr! Praying for patience while God's will/plan to be done!

The hardest part about this is not being able to relax in our home anymore because I don't want to have to clean up a mess! Jon has been so a huge help with keeping up with the dusting and spot cleaning (because to be honest that is where I'm falling short)! I'm the lights, decorating/staging person. I focus on making the stuff in the house look good more than the making sure everything is in its place.

The other downside is Duncan! Our wonderful (crazy) dog-child who is normally crated at home can't be there during showings because he'd go bananas and scare annoy people which ain't good when trying to sell your home.

So, Duncan's been on several adventures lately: he's been able to make an appearance at my work place (I'm so thankful that they have graciously allowed this), he's been on a lot of walks and car rides; he's been to both of his "grandparents" houses, and even had a lovely coffee date with me on Peoria's most scenic drive, Grandview Drive where he had he's first Starbuck's Puppuccino! Granted the presentation could have been better, its just some of their whipped cream but they put it in a lid and not a cup so I had to put my finger on the sip-hole (?) to keep if from dripping out. But he loved it!

I'm still hoping to check out how pet "friendly" our outdoor mall is but last week when I would have tried it it rained the entire time we were out of the house and I had a meeting (poor Duncan had to be crated in the car) so I was able to have something to pass the time.

Jon even took Duncan on a walk in one of the local state parks but said he'd probably never do that again because Jon had little "flea-like" bugs all over himself and is now worried about Duncan, but he rubbed him down and we just did Duncan's monthly flea and tick last week.

Praying that these adventures will be coming to an end soon through an offer that has yet to come!

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