Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Coconut Love

My love affair with coconut oil continues to grow. If you missed my first dip into the oil, you can read about it here!

Easter Sunday, I woke up to get ready by taking a shower, luckily, I remembered that I was running low on shaving cream before I got in the shower. Shaving cream is usually an item I tend to buy in bulk because I use a lot of it, but I had no back up shaving cream! ARGGH!

While searching for another can that I knew would magically appear before my eyes, I did stumble across an opened-but-not-completely empty jar of coconut oil! Granted it is the refined kind and not extra-virgin, that is beside the point. I remember seeing on Pinterest something about using coconut oil as a shaving cream instead of the actually cream... I was desperate and so decided that I'd attempt it.

OMG! It's been the smoothest shave of my life (or in recent memory)! I had to shave Sunday and Monday so I can't say if using the oil effects how long I can go between shavings but so far this morning I'm still feeling silky and smooth. I can't remember the last time my legs felt this awesome after shaving. I just used normal lotion on my legs, instead of doubling the oil. I'm still using coconut oil as my main lotion after showering.

I'm trying to get in a good bi-weekly routine on the weekends of adding some oil to dry hair on Saturday nights and then just shampooing it to rinse it before bed. I'm getting close to a hair appointment to trim it and doing a coconut oil treatment seems to help keep it soft, smooth-ish and glossy in between trims.

TMI but I've also used in on my armpits, which get irritated super easy, so far so good with that as well, but I'll need to keep track of its progression.

And I've even tried a baking soda face night scrub followed by coconut oil, it was too much work and I was afraid it make work against my normal face care products. So, this didn't last more than a few nights but I'd love to see if I could try again on a prolonged experiment.

Have you tried using coconut oil for your skin care or have you discovered another use for this miracle oil?

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