Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lilly Love

Lilly Love

So, a little website's ( female tab (TSM) introduced me to Lilly Pulitzer about this time last year! After seeing post after post mentioning Lilly, I went searching to see what it was all about, and I swooned!! Lilly Pulitzer's designs are so clean and so simple, exactly what I want and have been looking for with crazy color combo's and patterns!

However, Lilly Pulitzer has an extreme price tag for such simple togs! Its really not fair, Lilly! *Sigh* I would be probably your only advocate in Central Illinois, outside of campustown in Champaign! Please, Lilly! Make it affordable for all to wear you! Please!

Do any of you have clothes envy (you'd wear it but can't afford it) like me?

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