Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Welcome to the Puppyhood!

It is official! Our twosome has become a threesome :) This past Saturday, March 24, 2012; Jon and I became puppy parents! If you remember my post from here where we decided to get a puppy and then here where we freaked ourselves out and decided to wait.

Well, the waiting is over! Please welcome Duncan Hill to the blogging world! He is our 9.4lbs baby boy and we love him!
Duncan, is a rescue dog from Wish Bone Canine Rescue in Bloomington, IL, this is his story...(boink, boink):

I found him while just browsin' around on Thursday night on and then I checked again on Wish Bone's website. He was listed as a 1 year old, poodle who's owner could not pay his reclaim fee. (My poor bubba's!).

11:30p - 3/22/2012 - Jon and I just decided to fill out their online app, excepting to get a phone call saying that, "we're sorry but Duncan has already been adopted."

8:50a - 3/23/2012 - My phone started ringing, it was Debbie from Wish Bone, to let us know that they were going to be checking our with our references and just wanted to double check our information. I immediately texted our 2 references, my bff Samantha and my sister Maggie, to let them know they should except a call. Texting convo's ensued.

4:11p - 3/23/2012 - I was out having coffee with my sister-in-law, Jessie (she was home for her last spring break of college at Drake U), when I received a phone call from Debbie saying that we were approved to adopt Duncan and we had a 4 day window.

4:11p - 5:50p - 3/23/2012- Phone tag was played between Jon, me and Debbie to set up a time to meet Duncan and adopt him.

11:00a - 3/24/12- At the Petco in Bloomington-Normal, IL (Wish Bone is a foster home based rescue so they do not have an actually facility), we met Duncan and instantly fell in love (bonus his foster parents were not white trash! Yay! That was a real concern! It was this really sweet older couple and they seemed sad to see Duncan go!)

11:45a - 3/24/2012 - We were heading home with our new addition, Duncan!

He is still adjusting to life in the Hill House, but he seems to be doing all right. He was neutered on 3/22/12, so we've been dealing with keeping him from biting at his wound (lots of doggie diapers, and now finally a cone). He seems to have been crate trained and housebroken though it might take him a little while to really show us this. He hasn't eaten or drank that much and finally went to the bathroom last night but only number 1 and he doesn't really like to walk on our solid surface floors (ice!) or walking around in general right now. But I am sure that with anything he will just need time to adjust and get comfy-cozy with us!

I love him and he reminds me of a smaller version of a dog my family had when I was little named Sophie.

Also, I will put up photos soon once I start taking them with my actually camera because I cannot figure out how to upload the ones from my phone! Maybe you'll just get a whole post of nothing but photos!

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