Monday, March 12, 2012

Low to High

So, I know it has been awhile since I posted last, and I was on a pretty good roll there for awhile. I just suck at adding photos which seems to be a key to a lot of people showing up to a blog!

I have been busy job searching! I have realized that since I don't know what I want to do yet, that I should be looking for jobs that I do feel qualified for, such as an administrative assistant position aka what I do at the church right now. I have put in for a few positions that I had found. Chances of getting an interview = 0% (did a few follow-up calls this morning; one group starts interviewing today and the other, "has a stack so high you wouldn't believe." direct quote.)

It is really disheartening! It reminded me of when I went through sorority recruitment! It is that hopeless, why don't you like me?, irrational feeling of not being good enough or liked enough.

However, I do recall relying on God a lot during that time, and saying, "God will put me where He wants me." I just need to remember that again because it worked out really great for me the last time. I fell into the best group of girls that are now and forever will be my Phi Mu sisters!

I need to remember and repeat, "God will put me where He wants me," constantly to myself. It does help that I have my support team, God; my husband, Jon, and my best girlfriend & Phi Mu sista, Samantha to help me keep it together!

Thank you for listening to me gripe, complain and cry and for giving me hope at much needed love and support! I love you!

So, for anyone trying to figure out their path, remember who's path you are on and that Paula Deen wasn't successful until she was in her 40's ya'll! God may not want your purpose to be known right now but He will reveal it in time, and you may not notice it until after all is said and done!

Also, make sure you have a great support team everyone, even for the stupid, silly stuff!

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