Monday, December 3, 2012

Holy Spring!

WHOA! Are you also having above average temps?

Seriously, its like Spring here in Central Illinois in DECEMBER! Today's high is supposed to be a record breaking 71 degrees!

The only explanation is that, "It's Illinois." We can have some crazy weather swing no matter the time of the year but this is when I get nervous!

Because you can get really sick from these rapid changes. So, do what Jon and I are doing and working on prevention!

We are taking either a Vitamin C pill or having some Airborne daily to help keep our immune system in check. Along with eating a couple clementines each day!

My sister, Maggie and her husband, Nick are both super sick right now. The worst part for them is that they are my new niece, Hattie's parents, so they have to be really carefully around her. Poor Maggie has to be careful of what she takes because it could affect Hattie!

Oh the joys to look forward to someday of having a baby!

(Speaking of babies, did you hear that Prince William and Kate Middleton are finally expecting?)

I'm a total royal fan watcher! I think Jon and I should go as Harry and Kate some year for Halloween!

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