Thursday, December 27, 2012

Joys of Christmas

I was so excited to get to my parents for our Christmas Eve party that I forgot my camera and my husband was so excited to get to his parents Christmas Day that I forgot my camera.

But in my defense, I am the only one of my siblings that has yet to cross the parent threshold and the task falls to me to help mom set up (more like, I was bored and excited to be around people). And my brother and his family were here this year; they live in Virginia and only come back maybe once a year and they hadn't been to Christmas in like 7 years!

Christmas Eve has always been my family's big Christmas event and it has grown and grown much like the family... and now includes my siblings spouses and most of the in-laws! Gifts aren't a huge thing for us; the kids aka anyone high school and younger still get presents by way of drawing names usually between July or October.

Tons of food and too much drink were consumed by me. Sadly, Jon had to work on Christmas Eve and wasn't able to even just stop in for something to eat because he was so busy.  But by some miracle, Jon's weekend started on Christmas Day, so we got to spend the whole day together with Jon's family.

Jon's family's Christmas is almost a complete 180 from mine. Where mine is loud and crowded, Jon's is more quite and less people. Both are full of family and love!

This year from my parents, my mom took me to see "Wicked" at The Fox in St. Louis with my sister, Elisabeth and sister-in-law, Pam. One word: AMAZING!

Jon's parents gave Jon a punching bag and stand and I got the best gift: an ice cream maker! Can't wait to start using that. (Sadly, I am experiencing the Post-Christmas Crash: aka I'm sick). OH and probably one of the sweetest gifts, Jon's grandma, Sally, who passed away a few years before Jon and I met collected these pewter Christmas plates every year, so Jon's parents gave us the years we were born. Such a sweet gift, and I am thinking a new tradition for when we have our own children someday!

Hopefully,  I will be smart and take a few pictures of our loot to share.

Did you get something you really love, needed, or are scratching your head over?

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